Story of the breed

History of Himalayan Persians

Work to develop the Colorpoint Persian, or Himalayan, began in the U.S.and England around 1950.

The first step in working toward a Colourpoint Persian was to cross the Siamese and the Persian.

February, 2015

We proudly present the smallest at Phalkean's....our kittens. Having kittens is always very very special for us! We are giving our best attention ,love and care to our littlest one.

  • Bob
  • Happy
  • Wendy
  • Coco


Our youngest son called him Bob. And he is the sweetest boy we ever owned. Bob has a really special temper and everyone who knows him loved this stunning boy. He is very typical with heavy weight and massive bones. He has also wonderful blue eyes.



This is our homebred girl called Wendy. The look we love soooooooo much, great round big wide open eyes and a very sweet expression. Wendy and Bob are our absolute perfect couple and we`re dying to see their little kittens !



Our blue temptation called Coco. Coco has a very sweet and lovely charakter. She loves to cuddle and being with us the whole day. She is never afraid. She loves people. We are very proud to have this beauty in our Exotic breeding program and we are looking forward to some different-colored kittens.



Happy is our first homebred Exotic generation and we are very proud of her. She was born only a few minutes and we are falling in love with her. Of course she stays in our cattery. We love her big round wide open eyes and her sweet expression.

Kerstin Petra

Kerstin & Petra

The Owners

It started with fascination.

I was always fascinated by cats. Since my childhood I ever loved this kind of pet. As I was grown up I make my dream come true and started a little breeding program with my most loving cats- Himalayan Persian and Exotics.

Hope you are doing well.Just want to show you "Shut Up's" video,she is having so much fun with us and we love her so much..:) We call her La Row now and this is her first snow. Warm regards Ezra

Happy Client 01-03-2016

A shorthaired persian cat.. Exotic..or the lazy man’s Persian

by Kerstin Fuhrmann
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